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Sort sheet

Sort the sheet on column A when data is updated

Conditional format

Highlight the row when the value of column B is more than 100

Move data

Move row to archive tab if column B is "done"

Frequently asked questions

Is this a free service

Yes, it is FREE. However there will be a usage limit as every generation will cost us money.

How does the usage limit work?

The usage limit will diff based on user type. For anonymous users it will be applied on IP address and reset on daily basis. For signed up users, it will be applied on email address and reset on monthly basis.

The generated code is not what I want

The AI may not fully understand your question. Please adjust your words with specific details and try again.

How to use the generated code

The AI can not guarantee the generated code is correct. You are supposed to verify the code in your google sheets and use it on your own risk.


Please contact us if you have any feedback.